Friday, 26 March 2010

One day I stopped at a music store that had this deal in which you could buy three CDs for the price of one. MP3 was a mirage (though already in the horizon) at the time. I chose, by chance, the following three from the same guy:

- Taking tiger mountain by strategy
- Here come the warm jets
- Another green world

They say you remember the truly important events in your life by knowing where you were when they happened. I remember the shop, I remember where I was sitting when I pressed 'play' after inserting the first CD in the CD player, I remember the first impression coming from the first notes I heard. I remember everything including the color of the light that day in an empty room, soon to be occupied. So it must have been important, I would presume - I'm listening to the guy now, I am reading a book about his music.

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